Custom Vehicle Upgrades in Denver, NC & Beyond

Top Shelf Auto Sales & Repair in Denver, North Carolina, is your key to maximizing the potential of your favorite ride with various performance improvements and aftermarket modifications. With a wealth of experience and knowledge, our staff is well-suited to assist you in maximizing the performance of aftermarket accessories and parts.


Whether you’re looking for increased engine performance with a performance exhaust, improved handling with a lifted or lowered suspension, a unique edge with aftermarket wheels and tires, or meticulous detailing services to enhance your vehicle’s appearance, we have the solutions to take your driving experience to the next level. Top Shelf Auto Sales & Repair will show you the world of performance improvements.


Rev up your vehicle’s potential with Top Shelf Auto Sales & Repair. Let’s transform your ride—contact us today to explore performance upgrades that’ll take your driving experience to new heights.

Expert Performance Exhaust Services

Our performance exhaust modifications will give you more horsepower and a distinct roar. We have a selection of high-performance exhaust systems at Top Shelf Auto Sales & Repair that are intended to increase your engine’s efficiency and provide a thrilling driving experience. Our knowledgeable staff will assist you in choosing and installing the ideal performance exhaust system for your vehicle, whether you long for the forceful rumble of a muscle car or the refined purr of a luxury vehicle. With our help, unleash the strength and sound you’ve been craving.

Suspension Performance: Lower It or Lift It

With our lifting and lowering suspension services, you may up the ante on your off-road excursions or improve the aerodynamic stance of your car. Custom suspension alterations according to your specifications are our area of expertise at Top Shelf Auto Sales & Repair. Our experts will ensure your suspension system is precisely calibrated to offer the ride quality and aesthetics you prefer, whether you’re looking for increased ground clearance for rough terrain or a sportier, lower profile for on-road performance. You can precisely raise or lessen the quality of your driving experience.

Any Rim for Your Favorite Ride

To give your car a distinctive and customized design, Top Shelf Auto Sales & Repair now provides a variety of aftermarket custom rims and wheels in addition to our high-quality tires. Our team can assist you in finding the ideal mix to match your taste and preferences, whether your goal is greater aesthetics or improved performance. Explore our extensive selection of custom options to enhance your car’s looks and performance.

Detailing Done Right

With our selection of expertly designed Detailing Packages, you can take your car’s appearance to a new level of brilliance. At Top Shelf Auto Sales & Repair, we offer complete solutions to revitalize and safeguard your vehicle, ensuring it sparkles inside and out.

Performance Upgrades

Basic Full Detail

Starting at $199
  • Detailed Exterior Hand-wash & Hand-dry
  • Door Jamb Wipe Down
  • Clean & Dress Wheels
  • Clean Floor Mats
  • Wipe Interior
  • Deep Interior Vacuum
  • Clean Windows
  • Add-On Services Available
Performance Upgrades

Premium Full Detail

Starting at $299
  • Includes everything in the Basic Package, and…
  • Bug/Tar Removal
  • Clean & Condition Leather
  • Clean & Shine Interior
  • Carpet & Seat Extraction
  • Degrease & Dress Engine Compartment
  • Add On Services Available
Performance Upgrades

Elite Full Detail

Starting at $399
  • Includes everything in the Basic Package, Premium Package and…
  • Application of Luxury Paint Sealant
  • Rain X Water Repellent to all Exterior Glass
  • Apply Fabric Guard to all Upholstery and Carpeted Areas
  • UV Protectant Applied to all Hard Surfaces to Stop Color Fading
  • Add On Services Available

Detailing Add-Ons

  • Black Plastic Rejuvenation
  • Headlight restoration
  • Pet hair Removal
  • Ceramic Coating 


We’ll Help You Supe Your Favorite Ride!

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